Peter Buwalda

Buwalda (2019) Peter Buwalda (; born 30 December 1971) is a Dutch journalist, novelist and editor at various publishing houses.

Buwalda grew up in the village of Blerick and was one of the founders of the Dutch literary magazine ''Wah-Wah''. He wrote essays and stories for multiple magazines, and gained recognition after writing an essay titled "A diversion because of potholes. Bruno Schulz, Franz Kafka, and Leopold von Sacher-Masoch" (original Dutch title: [ "Een omleiding wegens kuilen. Bruno Schulz, Franz Kafka, en Leopold von Sacher-Masoch"]), which appeared in ''De Gids''. Buwalda was editor of [ ''Kafka-Katern''] at the time.

His debut novel ''Bonita Avenue'' was published in 2010 by De Bezige Bij, one of the leading publishing houses in the Netherlands, and was subsequently translated into English in 2014 by Jonathan Reeder. The novel was nominated for the ''Libris Literatuur Prijs'' 2011, de ''NS Publieksprijs'' 2011, de 25th ''AKO Literatuurprijs'', and the ''Gouden Strop'' 2011. Buwalda was awarded the ''Academia Debutantenprijs'', the Selexyz ''Debuutprijs'', and the ''Tzumprijs'' in 2011, as well as the ''Anton Wachterprijs'' in 2012. Critics in the United Kingdom positively received and reviewed the novel. Provided by Wikipedia
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