Carolyn Meyer

| birth_place = Lewistown, Pennsylvania, United States | occupation = Novelist | nationality = American | period = 1992-present | genre = Historical fiction, young adult fiction | movement = | notableworks = | influences = | influenced = | signature = | website = }} Carolyn Meyer (born June 8, 1935) is an American author of novels for children and young adults.

The typical genre for her work is historical fiction, one of her more popular projects being the ''Young Royals'' series, each novel of which tells the story of a different female royal and crown princess of her home country; either Egypt, England, Italy, Scotland, Austria and France. For example, one of Carolyn Meyer's recently published works is ''Duchessina'', which is the story of the troubled childhood and young adulthood of Catherine de' Medici. Her most recent novel in the ''Young Royals'' is ''Victoria Rebels'' which is about the teenage Princess Victoria of Kent. Provided by Wikipedia
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