Seumas Milne

Seumas Milne (born 1958) is a British journalist and political aide. He was appointed the Labour Party's Executive Director of Strategy and Communications in October 2015, under new Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn, initially on leave from ''The Guardian''. He left that newspaper in January 2017, in order to work for the party full-time.

Milne joined ''The Guardian'' in 1984. He was a columnist and associate editor there at the time of his Labour Party appointment, and according to Peter Popham writing for ''The Independent'' in 1997, was "on the far left of the Labour Party". Milne is the author of ''The Enemy Within: The Secret War Against the Miners'', a book about the 1984–85 British miners' strike which focuses on the role of MI5 and Special Branch in the dispute. Provided by Wikipedia
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