Vicki Myron

Vicki Myron in 2009 Vicki Myron (born 1947 in Spencer, Iowa) is an American author and librarian. Director of the Spencer Public Library for more than 20 years, Myron is best known for her book ''Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World'', written with Bret Witter. It sold more than one million copies internationally and was on bestseller lists for more than six months. It is about a cat which she found and cared for at the library, and his engaging effects on the townspeople. The library cat's story became internationally known before his death.

The book's great success led to a publishing phenomenon, with Myron and Witter also writing two related children's books, and with publication of audio books. Their sequel, ''Dewey's Nine Lives'', was published in 2010 as was a second children's picture book about the cat. A proposed film adaptation has not been completed; as of May 2012 the script had not been approved and the first option was due to expire in June 2012. Provided by Wikipedia
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