Michael Oliver

Michael Oliver may refer to:

*Michael Oliver (actor) (born 1981), American actor *Michael Oliver (cardiologist) (1925–2015), British cardiologist *Michael Oliver (footballer, born 1957), Scottish football player and manager *Michael Oliver (footballer, born 1975) English footballer with Stockport, Darlington and Rochdale *Michael Oliver (Lord Mayor) (born 1940), Lord Mayor of London, 2001–2002 *Michael Oliver, founder of the Republic of Minerva and the Phoenix Foundation *Michael Oliver (referee) (born 1985), English football referee *Michael Oliver (writer, broadcaster) (1937–2002), BBC broadcaster, writer and journalist on classical music *Michael Kelway Oliver (1925–2004), Canadian academic, political organizer and president of Carleton University *Michael Roderick Oliver (born 1938), English businessman Provided by Wikipedia
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