John Peacock

John Peacock may refer to:

*Joe Peacock (John Peacock, 1897–1979), England international footballer *John Peacock (piper) (c. 1756–1817), player of the Northumbrian smallpipes, probable author of the earliest printed book of music for the instrument *John Peacock (songwriter) (died 1867), South Shields born poet and songwriter *John Peacock (footballer) (born 1956), manager of the England national under-17 football team *John A. Peacock (born 1956), professor of cosmology at the University of Edinburgh *John Michael Peacock, frontier leader and politician of the Cape Colony *John Thomas Peacock (1827–1905), New Zealand politician *Johnny Peacock (1910–1981), baseball catcher *Johnny Peacock (American football) (born 1947), American football player *Jonnie Peacock (born 1993), Paralympic sprint runner Provided by Wikipedia
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