Michael Pillsbury

Michael Paul Pillsbury (born February 8, 1945) is the American Director of the Center on Chinese Strategy, Hudson Institute, Washington, D.C., from 2014. He is the author of three books on China. The most recent one, ''The Hundred-Year Marathon'', is an international bestseller and was number one on the ''Washington Post'' list, and a selection of the Commander, U.S. Special Operations Command, Commanders Reading List, in 2017, with Korean, Japanese, Taiwan-Chinese, PRC-Chinese, Hindi, and Mongolian editions also published. On September 26, 2018 U.S. President Donald Trump described Michael Pillsbury as "the leading authority on China.” On November 30, 2018 ''The New York Times'', ''Politico'' and ''Bloomberg'' articles asserted Michael Pillsbury's importance of being one of Trump's top advisers on China.”, According to ''The New York Times'', "Ubiquitous on ''Fox News'' in recent months, Mr. Pillsbury’s book “The Hundred-Year Marathon: China’s Secret Strategy to Replace America as the Global Superpower” has become a lodestar for those in the West Wing pushing for a more forceful response to the threat that China’s rise poses to the United States." Provided by Wikipedia
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