Matt Taibbi

Taibbi in Philadelphia in 2008 Matthew C. Taibbi (; born March 2, 1970) is an American author and journalist. He has reported on politics, media, finance, and sports. He is currently a contributing editor for ''Rolling Stone''.

Taibbi began as a freelance reporter in the former Soviet Union, including a period in Uzbekistan, which he was deported from for criticizing President Islam Karimov. Taibbi later worked as a sports journalist for the English-language newspaper ''The Moscow Times''. He also played professional baseball in Uzbekistan and Russia as well as professional basketball in Mongolia. Taibbi also worked for a short time as an investigator at a Boston-based private detective agency. In 1997, he moved back to Russia to edit the tabloid ''Living Here'', but eventually left to co-edit rival tabloid ''The eXile''. Taibbi returned to the United States in 2002 and founded the Buffalo-based newspaper ''The Beast''. He left in 2003 to work as a columnist for the ''New York Press''. In 2004, Taibbi began covering politics for ''Rolling Stone''. In 2008, Taibbi won a National Magazine Award for three columns he wrote for ''Rolling Stone''. In 2019, he launched the podcast ''Useful Idiots'', which he co-hosts with Katie Halper.

Taibbi has authored several books, including ''The Great Derangement'' (2009); ''Griftopia'' (2010); ''The Divide'' (2014); ''Insane Clown President'' (2017); ''I Can't Breathe'' (2017); and ''Hate Inc.'' (2019).

Taibbi is known for his brazen style, having famously branded Goldman Sachs a "vampire squid" in a 2009 article. His work has often drawn comparisons to the gonzo style of writer Hunter S. Thompson, who also covered politics for ''Rolling Stone''. Provided by Wikipedia
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