Brad Thor

Thor signing books in 2013 Bradley George Thor Jr. (born August 21, 1969) is an American thriller novelist. He is the author of ''The Lions of Lucerne'', ''The First Commandment'', ''The Last Patriot'', and other novels. His latest novel in the Harvath series, ''Backlash'', was released in June 2019. Thor's novels have been published in countries around the world. He also contributed a short story entitled "The Athens Solution" to the James Patterson-edited anthology, ''Thriller''. Thor also makes frequent appearances on Fox News and The Blaze.

''The Last Patriot'' was nominated for "Best Thriller of the Year" by the International Thriller Writers Association. His novel ''Blowback'' was voted by National Public Radio listeners as one of the "100 Best Ever" Killer Thrillers. Provided by Wikipedia
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