Stephen Tobolowsky

Tobolowsky at the 2012 [[Texas Book Festival]] Stephen Harold Tobolowsky (born May 30, 1951) is an American actor. He is known for film roles such as annoying insurance agent Ned Ryerson in ''Groundhog Day'' and amnesiac Sammy Jankis in ''Memento'', as well as such television characters as Commissioner Hugo Jarry (''Deadwood''), Bob Bishop (''Heroes''), Sandy Ryerson (''Glee''), Stu Beggs (''Californication'' and ''White Famous''), and Action Jack Barker (''Silicon Valley'').

Tobolowsky has a monthly audio podcast, ''The Tobolowsky Files'', of autobiographical stories of his acting and personal life. In 2015, he co-hosted a short-lived second podcast, ''Big Problems – An Advice Podcast'', with David Chen. He has also authored three books: ''The Dangerous Animals Club'', ''Cautionary Tales'', and ''My Adventures With God''. Provided by Wikipedia
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